Following the changes implemented in LIP-3, The Vault will no longer be hosting Ethlizards gaming tournaments regularly.

This page is no longer relevant.

The Ethlizards Vault, we will be funding gaming tournaments exclusive to Ethlizards holders. We will budget our spending to last us ~12 months assuming no other income is generated aside from the initial sale*.

*This is a hypothetical situation where there are no funds raised from secondary sales. In reality 50% of the 7.5% royalty fee will flow directly into the Ethlizards Vault.

Ethlizard Invitational

Using Polemos’s expertise in tournament hosting and organizing, we plan on hosting monthly gaming tournaments for some of the largest games such as Illuvium, CS:GO, Valorant, TeamFight Tactics etc. Prizes will be paid out by the Ethlizards Vault.

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